Painting and Prose

I selected the name StudioProse because I wanted a site name that represented both of my creative interests:

Studio because I have been a painter for nearly 50 years. My work has changed through time with both an evolving style and experimentation with many mediums. I have sold numerous paintings although this site will show only a selection, all focusing on the two driving interest of my work: Texture and Color.

Prose because I love the rhythm of words. I have published one book, am completing a second and have written an assortment of essays & poems. A selection are available in the links above.

Stripe Experiment – Acrylic on Hardboard – 6″ x 8″

This piece is an experiment. I wanted to see how certain colors would (or would not) change when overlaid with a variety of colored glazes. The vertical stripes are colors I use frequently. The horizontal stripes (some the same as the vertical stripes) have been mixed with a glazing medium that gives them transparency. While I consider this a useful experiment that informs my use of glazes in future work, several people enjoyed it as a painting and encouraged me to post it.