Painting and Prose by

Janet Whittle Freedman

I selected the name StudioProse because I wanted a site that represented both of my creative interests: Studio because I have been a painter for over 50 years; Prose because I enjoy writing and have published two books.


Landscape is a continuous thread in my work, although my paintings have moved over time from realistic to the abstract. I am interested in the colors and textures of the natural world, the form, texture and flow of organic shapes, the play of air, space, weather and light, the repeated patterns of nature and my response. Nature is not only what I see but what I feel.

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“Divine Intervention” is the latest book — a memoir about my time living in a shabby downtown apartment building where I met a group of eccentric and extraordinary friends including Glenn Milstead (the soon-to-be-famous Divine), designer Van Smith, director John Waters and a host of actors and students who provided fun and adventures as well as support for my freedom and growth.

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