Other Subjects

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These paintings are on a variety of subjects, none of which fits easily into a category.  Some are completely abstract while others were created in response to specific stimuli.

Thinking of Paul Klee was created after reading about the life and work of the German-Swiss artist Paul Klee, his wit and playfulness and use of symbolic imagery referencing mythology, poetry and dreams.  When I came upon a photograph of a cluster of white paper birches I immediately imagined that one of Klee’s fanciful animals might indeed be hidden there.

Thicket was created after observing a small tree at a local park that was bent over with the burden of a robust vine.  The branches of each were so tightly intertwined that it was difficult to distinguish one from the other. Thus, Thicket came to be.

I have an ongoing fascination with autumn leaves. I collect them, intrigued with the colors and patterns, no two exactly alike, even from the same tree. Leaf is an earlier work in oils but is still a favorite piece.