Beaches and Oceans

18 Paintings – Click on any painting for larger view and slide show.

Since childhood I have felt a connection to the water. My mother’s family is from Maryland’s eastern shore so I grew up with a strong affinity for its bays, rivers and creeks as well as the nearby Atlantic Ocean.  It is a landscape that speaks to me.

I have worked with other subjects but am primarily a landscapist. My purpose is not to academically reproduce the world I see, but rather to convey the emotion of a place or moment, the spirituality which is always present for me in the natural world.

Nature also inspires me with the beauty found in small things, thus my definition of  landscape includes the smaller worlds of texture and color found in segments of our natural world  — the landscape in a leaf,  the lacelike patterns given by a retreating wave, the seams of color found in a broken shell.

This page showcases a selection of paintings of oceans and beaches, a subject which I have returned to many times. The abiding focus of my work is color and texture and the seaside offers an abundance of these: the shades of sand and shell,  the patterns given by wind, surf and seabirds, the blues of sky and sea that range from pale blue to navy, dull-gray-green and bright turquoise; the lacelike deposits of seafoam that soften the border, making the line between sea and sand unfixed and fluid.